At Workscan we are committed to understanding your business objectives and the values that will attract potential employees and contractors. As a business partner we strive to provide insight into employment markets, industry trends and the best attraction, engagement and retention strategies to suit your business needs.

With a multitude of candidate sourcing methodologies, we are able to quickly and accurately source active and passive candidates, from graduate through to management and executive  level. This is achieved  through a combination of networks, global database, online and print advertising and social media channels.


There are 5 Fee for Service packages that we provide:

1  Fee for Service packages - You select from these 5 service options:

  • Economy Package
  • Business Package
  • Premium Package
  • Quad Premium Package
  • Executive Package

With all these services, the candidate becomes your employee from day one.

2   Full Fee Services

  • Exclusive Listing (fixed fee service)
  • Open Listing (% of salary package service)

3   On-Hire Services

  • Contract Management - we undertake search and source candidates who are then engaged on a labour-hire contract
  • Contractor Payrolling – we undertake no search - the candidate is introduced by the Client or Candidate and Workscan facilitates the labour-hire contract

4 Add-On Services - Select particular services to complement your recruitment needs


For On-Hire Services, we provide the following supporting services:


Workers Compensation

  • We carry Workers Compensation (Workcover) insurance policies in the states and territories of Australia where we operate

Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurances

  • We carry a Professional Indemnity insurance policy and this includes extended cover for all Contractors (vicarious liability policy)
  • We carry an appropriate Public and Products Liability insurance policy

Statutory Obligations

  • Superannuation Guarantee Levy - remitted on a monthly basis
  • PAYG taxes are remitted on a weekly basis
  • State Payroll taxes are remitted to the Offices of State revenue on a monthly basis

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